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Triathletes - Free Watts on the Bike? Yes, Please!

Are you missing out on the two easiest variables to improve your FTP that you probably aren't paying any attention to?

The chances are that you're already doing everything you can to:

✅ Optimise your training at threshold

✅ Managing every training load variable in training peaks

✅ Spending hours in the saddle doing volume work

✅ And grinding out your low rpm strength sets

Because while all this stuff is so important there are two easy wins that you probably haven't considered.

In this video I share the two simple training tools of some of the highest performers in Australian Triathlon...

These are the following:

  1. Sport Specific Mobility - being able to hit key positions e.g. a more aggressive aero position while in TT, can be heavily impacted by your hip flexion mobility. Compound this with tight hips from hours in the saddle and it can then also impact your ROB (run off the bike). Assessing this is a key to identify or highlight where to spend time with your mobility work.

  2. Maximum Strength - not only does strength training decrease your injury risk it also increases the watts/power you can put out at a given intensity, and/or allow you to tap into higher power on the bike. You can think of this like having a bigger engine that chews through less fuel e.g. you become more efficient and economical!

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