Passionate About Inspiring Others

'I am passionate about educating and arming people with the skills and knowledge to move from pain to performance.

I believe in optimising the triangle of health: movement, nutrition and lifestyle. When these align individuals can reach their potential and optimise their health to become the best version of themselves.'

- Huw Darnell

Tom Cutler, Essendon AFL

During my formative years at the Brisbane Lions Huw worked with many players in the strength and conditioning department.


After many a long afternoon of strength coaching, I recall Huw still giving his time, energy and care to provide specific advice and coaching for my own and many of the other developing players gym progressions.


I learnt many things from Huw in relation to strength training and enjoyed working with him in his time at the Lions.

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2 REPS RO.jpeg
Half Reps Ro, Circa

Huw helped me recover from a knee injury after I ruptured my ACL and chose to conservatively manage the injury. He effortlessly adapted exercises to suit my needs every step of the way, bringing me back to full strength at the perfect pace.​

As a professional acrobat my body is important to my career, he not only gave me the confidence to use my knee at full capacity again, but he also identified other weaknesses and helped me strengthen them to prevent future injury.

I highly recommend working with him as much as you can!

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Ironman Triathlete

I'm an army veteran with a number of chronic physical and mental conditions.

I was struggling with many lower body injuries and shortfalls, to the point of almost needing a cane to walk.

Through solid physiotherapy rehabilitation, working hand in hand with Huw's expertise, I not only regained mobility and strength but I've competed five Ironman 70.3 Triathlon, and a full 140.6 Ironman Triathlon.​

Huw's understanding, his empathy, his flexibility and adaptability in his programming, combined with his inspirational and supportive nature have allowed me to chase big goals. He's helped me believe in myself and my ability again. Without his support, I couldn't have done what I have, and wouldn't be anywhere near as pain free, and happy as I am now.

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Acrobat Paul, Circa

After complications from shoulder surgery I was requiring a sports physiologist I could trust to give me quality time and care. Huw was exceptional. He nurtured me through my recovery, constantly listening to the changing needs of my shoulder, formulating programs to best assist the right gains in strength and stability. I had full trust in Huw's approach throughout my recovery process.

Thanks to Huw since returning to work as a professional circus artist I am continually feeling more confident with my shoulders strength and stability.

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Angus Fowler, 
Rugby Union

After tearing my ACL, I had the pleasure of working closely with Huw for over 12 months. Huw allowed me to progress quickly through the appropriate rehabilitation steps, through his invaluable experience and knowledge.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Huw, his expertise and philosophy allowed my body to get back to a better level of performance after a serious injury. I have been able to make a full return to 1st Grade Rugby Union without any issues.

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I booked in with Huw after having an ACL reconstruction. I had gained weight, was feeling moody and overwhelmed.

Huw was reassuring throughout my recovery and set small achievable goals that kept me motivated. He designed each program which involved a variety of exercises that were challenging but fun. He has a great understanding of how the body works and designed a rehabilitation program that met all my needs. 

I noticed massive improvements in my leg strength and mobility. I no longer had pain in my knee when walking up and down stairs. Before I knew it, I was out cycling and hiking. I’ve kept coming back to see Huw whenever I’ve set myself a new goal and needed another program developed. 

Huw is amazing at what he does! I highly recommend Huw to anyone who is wanting an individualised program.

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Dan HUnt .jpeg
Dan Hunt, 
Director of Mental Health MovEment

I have had the privilege of working with Huw at the Capricorn Copper Mining Site, for the Byrnecut Mining.

​Huw has an ability to engage a workforce and an individual with a high level of passion and care.​

He has a thirst for knowledge and for meeting the needs of his client. Huw is a wealth of knowledge and is an asset to any individual wanting to be a better version of themselves.​

I highly recommend Huw in anything physical health. He is passionate, knowledgable, driven and he cares.

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David Tough,
Qld Super Middleweight Champion

After turning professional in my Boxing career, I approached Huw for strength programming.

Huw is a wizard at sport specific strength programming and knows exactly how to manage my load and tempo as the fight got closer. I immediately felt the difference in my speed and power both in sparing and the fights from following Huw’s program. I’ve always implemented strength work in my training but the attention to detail that Huw provided took it to the next level.​

I was able to win the Queensland Super Middleweight Title in just my 3rd fight as a professional with a first round KO and I owe a lot to that to Huw.

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Low Back Pain

I worked with Huw for 18 months to improve my strength and overall sense of well being following a long term spinal injury.


Huw was very patient with me and together we achieved significant improvement. He devised an individualised rehab program which gave me a feeling of achievement from week to week.

Huw was always positive, warm and enthusiastic and I looked forward to my appointments with him knowing that I would come away feeling stronger and more confident in my own ability.

I would recommend Huw very highly!

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