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Huw offers an initial appointment to perform a comprehensive functional movement assessment in order to understand the needs of the client.

A plan for rehabilitation and improved physical performance is completed and a tailored exercise program is written and delivered to the client.


At the conclusion of your initial appointment, you will have a clear understanding of your injury and treatment plan and follow up appointments will be booked. Please contact us for further information on pricing and details regarding health rebates.



Online programming is available for Injury Rehabilitation, Strength + Conditioning and Movement + Recovery.


Initial appointments to provide an online assessment are performed via video call. Ongoing programming and regular check-ins are available via multiple online avenues including Train Heroic App, email, text, video call and phone call.

Contact us today to discuss which online program is best for you.

Consulting + lecturing

Huw currently consults to multiple Sporting Clubs, Mining Companies and Universities.


He educates elite sporting groups in achieving improved athletic performance while managing their training and recovery. He delivers information regarding injury rehabilitation and runs wellness, health and injury prevention programs. He educates, tutors and mentors emerging Exercise Physiologists.


Huw is available to travel and provide consultancy work both in person and online. Contact us to discuss how Huw can help your team or business.



Huw is currently the strength and conditioning coach for a number of professional triathletes, the CF racing team and numerous Kona age group athletes.

The online triathlon performance program delivers strength training, mobility exercises, breathing drills and recovery strategies. These are all aimed at injury prevention and improved performance.

To join the training community there are 3 options currently available.

Tier 1 - Triathlon strength and performance program $50/week

Tier 2 - Fully individualised triathlon program $100/week

Tier 3 - In person, fully individualised triathlon program with                       access to additional support, classes and rehab services                 $160/week

Woolloongabba, Brisbane  |  Ph: 0422 649 400

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