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Strength Training for Triathlon

Imagine getting to the start line having banked a solid block of training. No Niggles, no injuries holding you back.

Imagine holding your form towards the back end of the run.

Many athletes believe strength training won't make a difference in injury occurrence or it might even cause injuries. They’re wrong!

Let's set the record straight:

🔹Transformative Science on Strength Training: A groundbreaking 2014 systematic review and meta-analysis scrutinised over 26,610 athletes and 3,464 injuries. The results? Strength training plummeted sports injuries by more than two-thirds and cut down overuse injuries by nearly half. Is there any other strategy that reduces your injury risk by such a significant margin?

🔹Strength training can, in fact, boost your endurance capacity: here is a list of the benefits from science:

  • Faster swim, cycle and run time-trials

  • Improved cycling economy

  • Improved power (w) velocity at V̇O2max

  • Improved power at cycling lactate threshold (4mmoL)

  • Delayed time to exhaustion in cycling and running

  • Improved running economy

  • Increased peak velocity during a maximal anaerobic running test (vMART)

  • Improved run velocity at V̇O2max

  • Reduced heart rate at sub-maximal intensities

Check out this video where I break down how to implement strength for endurance sports.

If you’re still not convinced here is a what AG Champion Zsolt Dallos and Kona World Champion Athlete Mel Derickx had to say:

If you want help with your programming, check out my TriStrong Performance Program - here.

Stay Injury-Free,


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