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Key Principles to Injury Rehab

I have been working as an exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning coach for 8years now having worked with over a 1000 individuals and multiple teams, clubs and academies.

In this time I have had the privilege of working alongside some really smart health care professionals (Physios, Coaches, EPs, PTs, Doctors, Surgeons, Pyschs). These individuals have been pivotal in shaping the way I view the rehabilitation process and helping develop a skill set to move people from pain to performance.

Today I wanted to share 20 key principles around having a success injury rehab process:

  1. Make the rehab process fun

  2. Set them up to win

  3. Building trust is a key part of the process

  4. Make them feel athletic

  5. Set clear expectations of the rehab process

  6. Set goals along the path and develop an action plan

  7. Focus on what they can do, not always what they can't

  8. Focus on the individual, not just the injury

  9. Manipulate volume, intensity and frequency, when intensity is low, bump up the frequency

  10. Practice, practice, practice, cells that fire together wire together

  11. All injuries involve the brain

  12. Move well, then move often 

  13. Easy to Hard

  14. Simple to complex

  15. Slow to Fast, and if you can't go slow, don't go fast

  16. Criteria driven, while paying attention to tissue healing time

  17. Expose to a threat, let them win, repeat until they have faced everything they need for their activity/sport 

  18. Clear communication between the rehab team is a must!

  19. Find their limit, back off and then keep raising the ceiling to build capacity

  20. Long term rehab is an opportunity to work on weaknesses and come back better

Let me know your thoughts and if you think I left anything out.

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