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How to Improve Triathlon Performance With Breathing | Ellie Salthouse Professional Triathlete

Everyday I am shocked at the conversations I have with athletes around their lack of awareness on how breathing can impact their performance. This is especially true in endurance sports where the name of the game is how effectively you can transport and utilise O2 and CO2.

Breathing is a remote control for your physiology. It has an amazing ability to tap into 3 key systems that impact athletic performance, health and recovery. These being:

  1. Biomechanics - position, posture and movement

  2. Physiology - heart rate, respiration, energy usage

  3. Psychology - recovery, anxiety, arousal

When an athlete can better control their breathe it is like unlocking a super power. I am a firm believer that strength training for triathlon, or more appropriately labelled performance programming should include a focus around breathing and breath control.

Here are 3 ways you can implement breathing into your training starting tomorrow:

  1. Keep Your Mouth Shut - better diaphragm recruitment, less hydration loss, higher NO2 production (power vasodilator), these are just some of the benefits Nasal Breathing Only.

  2. Physiological Sigh - this breathing method is a double inhale, long exhale and is a one I recommend between efforts or intervals to get your heart rate back under control as quickly as possible.

  3. Recovery Breathing Strategies - 1:2 (inhale:exhale) ratio after a training session is a great way to get your body into a state of recovery e.g. 2 sec in, 4 sec out, 4 sec in, 8 sec out, etc

Choose one of these methods to incorporate into your next session and let me know how it goes below!

If you're interested to find out more check out the Tri-Strong Performance Program where you can learn how to unlock another level of performance to see a season of PB's.

Huw Darnell

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