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If you are a triathlete and are frustrated with injuries holding you back or not performing at your best, then the Tristrong Performance Program will teach you how to bullet proof the body to stop you from having season ending injuries and ensure you're breaking PB's all year round.


This program is only for serious triathletes. Athletes who leave no stone unturned in their physical preparation and understand that triathlon success is a process, not a once off event. The reason others don't commit is because they expect that only training their sport to be enough to be their best. They tell themselves they don't have time to do strength training, or that if they do it will make them too sore or slow them down by adding non-functional muscles mass. 

The reality is that smart triathlon specific and individualised performance programming, will have you excited to stand on the start line for a race to set another PB and have you saying goodbye to injuries so you will never have to see red in your training peaks again.

Resilient Triathlete Formula

Don't let niggles and recurring injuries keep you out of training and competing in the sport you love any longer.

The Resilient Triathlete Formula is the missing link in your current athletic preparation! The RTF is designed around 4 main pillars or performance - Movement, Recovery, Nutrition and Mindset.

Professionally designed and intelligently executed strength training is a key aspect to ensure you're always improving as an athlete. There are many reasons to argue for performance programming, however they ultimately boil down to 2 main reasons:

1) Injury Reduction

2) Improved Performance

Join 100's of other triathletes who have said goodbye to injuries forever, taken their athletic ability to the next level and are smashing what they thought was possible.​

Don't take my word for it
hear what they have to say!

Kent Ohari, Everestman
Ellie Salthouse, Pro Triathlete

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